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Design and Develop An Online funds transaction platform

About the project

OpsGreat design & develop an enhanced online platform for VinaCapital’s wealth management business, that enables most of VinaCapital’s open-ended funds and managed account products to be transacted and tracked electronically, to reduce paperwork, and to run detailed reports and business analyses that enable VinaCapital to better analyze business performance.

The online platform would not only automate core processes related to customer transactions of VinaCapital funds and managed accounts, but would also deliver enhanced value to investors and partners, and serve as a point of differentiation for VinaCapital’s wealth management business versus competing local fund management companies.


Below are the key back-end modules and features for the Online funds transaction platform

Investor module

Manage Investor

Manage Account

Import investor

Update sales codes & BDA

Send BDA information

Call history and note log

Opening Workflow on Web

Opening Workflow on APP

Opening Workflow through Portal

Opening Workflow through API

Investor Documents

Transaction module

Transaction database

Database NĐT

Pending transaction

Import transation

Transaction source

Fee scheme calculator vinasave

Fee scheme calculator switch transaction

Compare VSD R44'

Update final NAV

R53 follow SUB

Upload final R44

Approve transaction

Investor information

Investor balance

NAV monthly

Number of outstanding shares

Login Mio


Trading calendar, holidays etc

PDF confirmation

Holding Period and Redemption fee estimation

Reporting module

Management Report (Interactive Dashboards)

Investor Balance Report

Partner Business Report

Fund Performance Report

Business Sale Report

BDA KPI Tracking Report

Red Alert Report

Record management report

Export Functions to Excel

Report Automation to email, portal, website


Authorization module



Roles management module


Individual Partners



API management module

Digital Partners


Standard Charter Bank

Vietguy (SMS)

G-Call (Telesales)

Website (Fund Data)

Portal management module

Bank Partners Portal

BDA Portal

Referral Portal

Product management module



Products (Auto-investment, VTIP)

Fee schemes by products

Order types (Buy, Sell, Switch, Transfer)

News management module



VinaCapital investment

Investment education

System log management module

Active users on MiO web

Active user on MiO app

Active user on MiO API channels

Source and transaction tagging log

Export Functions to Excel

Security control module

IP approval list

Public report type


Source Code

Server / Data center

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