The Laughing Cow

Design & develop a microsite for TET activation – Trao Tiếng Cười Tết

About the project

OpsGreat design & develop a microsite – campaign for TET activation named “Trao Tiếng Cười Tết” for The Laughing Cow brand. Main mechanism is video generating for Facebook users. Below is the user flow:

  • – Login FB for permission
  • – System shows list of recommended friends; Recommendation based on number of tagged photos, and interaction in total
  • – User select a friend from the list or search others
  • – With selected partner: system will collect 7-10 photos with highest interaction; system will generate draft clip1 with the photos; user can drag photos to change positions; we have fixed items for user to drag in
  • – Final clip generated instantly for user to review and share FB or send inbox to the partner

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