The Laughing Cow

Design & develop Dairy Reco microsite for The Laughing Cow

About the project

OpsGreat design & develop Equity Integrated Campaign – Dairy Reco microsite for The Laughing Cow to engage with consumer with “De Pho Mai Tinh MV” and Piece of Love activity. Key function is to create video message with steps are below:

  • – Step 1: Click play now to start; There will be a popup appears asking users to allow us access their Facebook profile.
  • – Step 2: users see the footage with their Facebook avatar. They can replace with another picture that they want to have in video.
  • – Step 3: Select name/message. Fill-in kid’s age.
  • – Step 4: System will render with the final video; the app take around 30s to render video (depending on user’s internet connection).
  • – Step 5: user review the redered video and share to their Facebook wall

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