CJ Gemadept Logistics

Develop Data Warehouse and SAP – SAP S/4HANA Implementation for CJ Gemadept

About the project

OpsGreat develop a Platform – Datawarehouse for CJ Gemadept to centralize and standardize the data include Master Data, Purchase Order (PO), Sale Order (S0), Advance Shipment Notice (ASN), Inventory Management, Approval, etc from all systems before sending to SAP – SAP S/4HANA


Middle Integration System (MIS)

Create/update Customer master data

Create/update Vendor master data

Create, Update, Approve, Cancel Purchase Order (P0)

Create, Update, Approve, Cancel Sale Order (S0)

Record Database

Create Sync SAP Customer Table

Create Sync SAP Vendor Table

Create Sync SAP PO Table

Create Sync SAP Billing Table

Create Sync SAP Response handle

Create Sync SAP Status Handle

Create Sync SAP Transaction History

Insert Request PO into SAP PO Table

Insert Request Billing into SAP Billing Table

Insert SAP Response into SAP Response Handle

Insert All integration transaction into SAP Transaction History

Synchronize SAP PI

Create new vendor

Update Vendor

Create new customer

Update customer

Create PO

Cancel PO

Create Billing

Approval Process

Approval Hierarchy Defination

Approval Notification Via email

Approval Screen

E-Invoice API Integration

Viettel E-Invoice API Integration

VNPT E-Invoice API Integration

Auto Email

Auto email Approve or reject

Auto email dashboard

Email Status sync E-Invoice to SAP

Email Status E-Invoice to PIC User

Auto Email Approve, Update, Cancel, Create Sale Order (S0) to PIC User

Auto Email Approve, Update, Cancel, Create Purchase Order (PO) to PIC User

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