SEO – SEM Planning & Implementation For Bioderma

About the project

Our SEO & SEM Scope of work for Bioderma – a NAOS brand that has been passionate about serving skin biology
1. Research keywords related to Brand and cosmetics field base on suggestion from HQ.
2. Content creation: Agency plan, create content strategy that match Vietnamese market insight.
1. Always track performance of Google SEA and measure ROI.
2. KPIs: Commit to rank on top with the right keywords (keywords of skincare, optimize and maintain keywords in 6 months (Please set your target KPI for each month on a clear timeline).
3. Allocate budget and suggestion allocation budget for Google Ads.


in short



1/ Direct traffic to Bioderma website is very low compared to the market and shows that we still have to develop our brand awareness.

2/ Low traffic to website compared to other beauty brand in beauty industry.

3/ Bound rate is quite high.(> 65%).

4/ Not yet optimized with page's structures.


1/The number of articles is small, the articles in the top search of Google are not high.

2/ Key words of brand and products not yet ranking on top (Bioderma, Micellar Water).

3/ Lots of articles are not optimized with right key words


Onsite Technical

Ability to index the website through social networks, forums

Increase visibility on search engines

Website Trust

Build a link system on social networking sites, forums.

Links with reputable channels, newspapers and individuals

Content Direction

Focus on the main keyword

Build and update content continuously on the website

Content that meets user intend and needs


Optimizing Onpage Website

Optimize page loading speed

Optimize page interface

Optimize user experience


1.Content direction plan

2.Customers review Content Direction

3.SEO TEAM writes detailed articles

4.Customers review Detailed articles

5.Air Content

6.Efficient evaluation

Objective & KPIs

Reduce bounce rate

Push rankings for top 10 keywords with a KPI of top 5

Organic traffic - reach ~ 100.000 organic new visitors to the website (up 50%)

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