MegaGS Cinemas

Website maintenance, technical support & troubleshooting for MegaGS Cinemas

About the project

OpsGreat provides website maintenance, technical support and troubleshooting for MegaGS Cinemas website on both desktop site and mobile site. We take care for any issues related to booking engine (based on Vista Cinema Ticketing Software), online payment, sms gateway, email smtp and make sure the website online and function properly 24/07.

We work directly with payment gateway vendor Onepay and other e-wallet vendors such as: ZaloPay, MoMo, VTC pay etc for API integration and any technical issue; we also support for minor changes, function enhancements and any IT related issues.


Maintenance SOW

Website maintenance

Code tweak to display tickets prices on Date & Showtime selection page

Review and support online booking engine functions

Fix bugs

Add tracking functions

Improve stability

Minor enhancements

Troubleshoot website coding related problems

Online booking and third parties troubleshoot

Technical support and troubleshoot for booking payment issues

Technical support and troubleshoot for wired cases or bookings

Work directly with payment gateway and e-wallet vendors

Technical support and troubleshoot for APIs integration

SMS confirmation issues - sms gateway fixes

Email confirmation issues - smtp fixes

IT Support

Support to MegaGS IT - update code

Replication to staging environment

Manage production and staging environment

Make correction due to applied system patches, operating system upgrade

Make correction due to applied Firewall and VPN configuration

Backup website source files

Backup website databases

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